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Weight Loss Program In Dubai

Perfect Weight Loss Program In Dubai

Weight Loss Program In Dubai 

Are you irritated or being bullied because you’re overweight don’t worry Glasgow Medical Center Dubai is here to help you. we have a team of experts who are best in the industry. Join us we can assure the Best Weight Loss Program In Dubai for you

Weight Loss Program In Dubai 

For many of us(group 1), weight loss is something we aspire to do every day to look fit but never want to take the pain to do it. But there is another (group 2) that struggles to lose weight so that their risk of certain grave diseases is reduced like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, Thyroid related diseases to name a few. The first group is relatively healthy without any visible morbid symptoms whereas the latter group has visible symptoms.

Accordingly our approach to each group is different

For those who are in group 1- We take detailed case history including the lifestyle of the patient. We study his/her diet which differs from their place of origin. Once this is done we need to calculate how much calories the person needs and how much he needs to burn out. We also need to introduce the person to a healthy lifestyle except on certain cheat days which we occasionally allow. We provide them with a list of Do’s and Dont’s. In this group most of the time no medication is required. We follow up with them every 2 weeks to know how they respond. Our main aim is not just to reduce but to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after the weight loss program.


For those in Group 2- in addition to what was done in group 1 we need to very carefully chalk out the diet chart as they are patients with a clinical condition. We also recommend that they visit their physician to make sure they are coping well clinically. And yes usually medication is given if needed.


Our Results

In a span of 3-4 months our patients have reduced up to 10 kgs. Our methods are practical and tailor made to suit each patient’s needs. They do not stress or weaken the patient. As our aim is not just to reduce weight but to have a healthier lifestyle our patients are able to maintain an ideal weight even after the program is over.

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