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Root Canal Treatment

Top Root canal Treatment in Dubai 

Are you looking for the best root canal treatment in Dubai? are you Anxious about a Root Canal?! It relieves pain in a badly infected tooth. Left alone it would decay, causing extreme pain and be fit for extraction alone! Root Canal is a dental treatment that repairs and saves an infected or decayed tooth.


If you have an inflammation or infection in the inside of your tooth you would need a Root Canal Treatment. It is performed in the pulp of your tooth, which is called the root canal. Root Canal Treatment is thought to be a painful treatment, but it actually relieves the patient of his pain.



Root Canal Treatment Dubai


Most of the patients who have undergone Root Canal Treatment will testify that it’s just as painless as a tooth filling. Thanks to modern dental techniques and good anesthesia. Reports tell it is less painful than a tooth extraction! If a dentist suspects your tooth needs a Root Canal Treatment, he confirms it with an X-Ray of your decayed tooth.


Your tooth is made up of a crown and roots with the pulp in between. The nerves to the tooth are inside the pulp. So when the inside of your tooth- pulp is badly infected, it is painful and fatal for your tooth. Left untreated it decays and the only way out would be a tooth extraction.

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During a Root Canal Treatment, the dentist carefully removes the infected pulp, cleans and disinfects the tooth and seals the space with a filling. A tooth that is treated and restored will last a lifetime with good care!. So, Care for your treated tooth by brushing twice daily and flossing once. Don’t chew on hard food, which will damage your root canal. Visit your dentist for regular professional cleaning.