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Back Pain Treatment

This is one of the most common complaints that every person faces most of the time including school going children. Many do not visit the doctor as it is usually relieved by taking rest and applying certain ointments. But the damage is not resolved. When such episodes of pain recur over the next several weeks it is not to be neglected. It requires immediate attention to prevent further damage to the spine and treat the present condition.

What causes back pain?

Now we need to understand that the normal curvature of the spine even at its best is undergoing various stresses and strain owing to our sedentary lifestyle,poor posture and eating habits. Repeated stress factors on the spine over a prolonged period can cause compression of nerves between the vertebrae, muscles and tendons causing pain. When the spine is at such a weak state, a fall landing on the back, sudden lifting of heavy weight can result in severe back pain and the normal curvature of the back is affected and that’s when most of the patients come to us for treatment.
This can be seen in those suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, after pregnancy, osteoarthritis, in those whose occupational work involves heavy weight lifting , obesity , infections to name a few. There are numerous other causes that we need to explore to find out the root cause.

What we have to offer?

At Glasgow Medical center we strive to give you the best treatment when it comes to back pain. Every case is approached holistically as we believe that each individual is unique and after performing the necessary lab investigations and scans, we prescribe a natural homeopathic remedy which targets the root cause of the issue. Many of the time the mental stress at work and at home adds to the pain. So we try to understand what exactly the patient is dealing with. Also we advise a diet favorable for the overall health and which reduces inflammation. Coupled with Physiotherapy sessions we make sure you are on the road to good recovery. We avoid NSAIDS and ointments as they do not take into account the root cause of the problem and give only temporary relief.

Simple Measures to prevent back pain:

Eat right – Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, dairy products and whole grains,lean meats and whole grains will keep your digestive tract in order. It prevents excessive gas formation which removes strain on the back. Eating healthy also keeps your weight in check which in turn reduces strain on the back.

Sleep on your side – Sleeping sideways with a pillow between the legs reduces stain and stiffness of back. Make sure your mattress is firm and supports the back.

Consciously keep reminders to maintain a proper posture– Be it at work or at home, practice sitting right. It solves a lot of problems.
o Make sure both feet touch the ground when you sit.

Reduce stress– Stress is unavoidable but we can change how we look at it. A mind loaded with stress makes the muscles of the back stiff. At the end of a long day , take time to de stress by having a hot bath, reading a book, or just sitting alone with a cup of tea etc., whatever makes you happy.

Shoes – wear low heeled footwear when you need to stand for long periods of work

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