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what you need to know about previous seeing health and having a great lifestyle

  • Homeopthy is one of the most popular branches of complementary medicine. we utillse the basic pillar of health like food sleep balanced energy emotional well being to educate everyone for a good Lifestyle our homeopath and Public Health expert Dr Mamamtha has planned program the bite size health program BHSP of the community health education.
  • The bite size health is about mindfull and conscious eating. your health is a largely divided of what you eat
  • immunity
  • It simple means to eat as per your physically and metabolic needs useful for people suffering underweight overweight Obesity anemia glucose intolerance hyperlipaideamia, and week
  • Everyone should understand the significance of prevention and care revenant to their need and complaint and how holistic approach can improve their quality of life
  • You must always have all three balanced meals everyday which includes fruit vegetable dairy meat and grains.
  • 150 minute weekly great moderate to intanse physically activity is important to maintain good health in busy life we don’t have so much time and Hance including even in 5-7 minutes of daily jogging is better than no activity daily jogging is better than no activity at all
  • Anaemai causes lethargy and tiredness good iron intake alone is not enough for kids obserption to right intake Vitamin C Vitamin B12 and Folic is also needed
  • Make each calorie count towards good health don’t eat empty calories empty calories are the one which bring no nutritive goodness e.g Sodas, refined sugar
  • Fats are not always bad HDL which is the good fat in our blood stream helps to reduce the bad bad fats e.g LDL in out body . Tp increase HDL consume Monounsaturated and 😐 Polyunsaturated fats limit saturated fats
  • A good night sound sleep of 8 hours is essential please do not let mobile phone games office work stress Curtail it,
  • stress can induce various health problem in life it is therepeutic to destress yourself at least in 10 days by including in any activity you like e.g swimming or painting.
  • What you need to know about musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

the Rehabilitation program aims to serve the women of our society to manage their fitness post deliverythe the Geratic age group with Musculoskeletal complaint,

we ebdeaviyr ti educate them regrading muscle strength.


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