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Hair Rejuvenation Program

Hair Rejuvenation Program

Almost everyone out there suffers from at least one issue relating to hair. From hair loss to greying or hair thinning, dandruff, dry hair, hair problems seem to be one of the most common problems facing people today right from children to adults. And it becomes a hassle trying to find out which treatment is safe yet effective and affordable especially when young adults are involved.
There can be a number of causes for hair loss and it differs from males to females and differs in different age groups. For females it could be from stress, thyroid issues, birth control pills, at menopausal age and fungal infections besides others. In men it could be primarily hereditary, or from stress, drugs, certain medications to name a few. But for some the cause could be entirely different and will require a holistic approach to the case.

At Glasgow medical centre in Dubai, we treat each person depending on the person’s needs. The texture and quality of the hair gives us an idea about the person’s overall health status. After taking a complete and detailed history taking which will include your lifestyle and performing certain tests we prescribe a natural medicine most suited to your needs as an individual. We believe every person is unique and his vital force needs to be activated with natural herbal medicines. Hair becomes healthy only when the body is healthy. Apart from this we advise a 100% herbal oil made from time tested herbs known to strengthen hair and it acts beautifully for those experiencing hair thinning too. We also advise our patients to follow a healthy diet which is tailored to the body type of the individual. Laser therapy too is available for the extreme cases.
When it comes to your healthy hair, do not experiment with shampoos and over the counter drugs. Leave it to us to solve your hair issues.

General tips for good hair:

• Avoid over treating your hair whatever the occasion may be . Your hair will thank you for it later. This includes colour treatments, perms, sprays, and more
• Avoid shampoos preferably stop. Visit us to know what you can replace shampoo with 3 affordable ingredients. And you would want to start this for your kids now to ensure good hair later on. If you must use shampoo on occasion use baby shampoos.
• Massage your hair with oil at least once a week.
• Avoid wearing your hair too tight always
• Get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about anything
• Do things that you love at least once a day that does not include for the sake of others. Just the one thing that makes you happy.eg. having a cup of coffee alone, writing your thoughts in a book, singing out loud etc.,
• Consume a healthy balanced diet. Of course this differs for each one. In general, consume at least 80% of fresh foods and the rest can be processed. Keep processed foods to a minimum.
• If you are experiencing stress, then this is the number one thing you need to address. Talk to us to help us help you better.

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